Hang: Elevating Montreal’s Lunch Scene with Vietnamese Haute Cuisine

In the heart of Montreal, a city celebrated for its eclectic and vibrant food scene, Hang emerges as a beacon of culinary innovation. Before Hang opened its doors, the city’s gastronomy landscape was vibrant yet missing a crucial element: Vietnamese fine cuisine. Hang has filled this gap, transforming traditional Vietnamese fare from its humble beginnings into a refined dining experience that pays homage to Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage.

A New Chapter in Vietnamese Cuisine

Hang is not your typical “mom and pop” eatery; it is a destination where the essence of Vietnamese cuisine is elevated to haute cuisine. Guests are invited to “hang with us” and embark on a culinary journey that blends the unique flavours of Southeast Asia with a sophisticated twist on beloved dishes. This innovative approach celebrates Vietnam’s complex flavours and traditions while introducing them to Montreal’s discerning diners.

The Visionaries Behind Hang

The inspiration behind Hang’s exquisite menu and ambiance stems from the travels of John E. Gumbley, CEO of JEGantic Group. Captivated by the robust flavours and the fusion of Asian and French influences that define Vietnamese cuisine, John, alongside his partner Kaje Kandiah, envisioned a restaurant that would bring this rich culinary experience to life. Fueled by a love for pho and a desire to explore its ingredients further, they sought a strategic partner to realize their vision of introducing Vietnamese haute cuisine to Montreal.

Indulge in Our Curated Table d’Hôte Menu

Our $25 and $29 Table d’Hôte menus are a reflection of Hang’s commitment to culinary excellence. From vegetarian spring rolls and mango salad to Banh Mi baguettes with a choice of fillings and our delectable Pho options, each dish is crafted to offer a taste of Vietnam’s diverse flavours. This menu is designed to satisfy and intrigue, inviting guests to explore the depth of Vietnamese cuisine in a setting that marries tradition with innovation.

À La Carte Options: A Symphony of Flavours for Every Palate

Hang also offers an array of À La Carte lunch options that cater to all tastes and price points, without compromising on quality. Whether you’re looking for something light or a more filling meal, our menu ensures there’s something for everyone. With prices starting from just $8, our À La Carte selections reflect our commitment to providing a diverse dining experience that honors the rich flavours of Vietnamese cuisine.

Special Loyalty Offer: A Token of Our Appreciation

To express our gratitude and encourage the joy of shared meals, Hang is proud to offer a loyalty program: enjoy five lunches from our Table d’Hôte or À La Carte menu, and receive your sixth lunch on us! This initiative is not just about rewarding loyalty; it’s about fostering a community of food enthusiasts who appreciate the art of fine dining.

Why Hang Stands Apart

Choosing Hang for your lunch break is more than a meal; it’s an experience. With a menu that celebrates the fusion of Vietnamese flavours and culinary techniques, Hang offers a unique dining experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Montreal. Our inviting atmosphere and commitment to quality make Hang the perfect backdrop for a memorable lunch break.

Join Us at Hang

We invite you to experience the refined flavours and warm hospitality that define Hang. Visit us to embark on a culinary journey that promises to enrich your senses and elevate your dining expectations. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular, we look forward to welcoming you and sharing the unique flavours of Vietnam, crafted with passion and precision.

At Hang, every dish tells a story. Let’s create memorable stories together.